Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The American People have spoken...

And Obama is our President-elect. His winning speech last night was so beautiful it nearly brought me to tears. Perhaps the true colors of this country are not as black and white as the Republican party wanted us to believe. And thank God for that. I'm so proud that the great state of Ohio voted for Obama as well.
The election night party was a blast. It was great to be with wonderful people and best friends on the night during which a new chapter of American history was made. Thank you Allison, Eva and BJ for joining Matt and I on that historic and monumental night!

And of course, many thanks to Obama himself, for being the kind of person we can believe in and who can take this country back in the right direction. Without you, it would be just another day in Washington.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The beautiful bride, Eva.
BJ, Eva, Matt & I

Eva's sister-in-law Stephanie and 2 year old Audrey.

The sultry Bevin

BJ's son, Howie

The very lovely Dr. Liz, Eva's sister-in-law, who I miss very much now that she's doing her residency in South Carolina.

Eva and her sister, Donna.

The best man, Patrick, and his lovely wife, Jenny, the maid of honor.

Alex and his girlfriend Laura, with the bride.

The glowing & pregnant Jenny.

Eva and BJ (finally) get married

The bride and groom, Eva and BJ

With cake on their faces.

Rick, who performed the ceremony, and his wife Sheila.

Eva and her mother, Lea
Before I post the pictures of the beautiful bride named Eva, I have sad news. A good friend and fellow project manager at work, was killed in an auto accident this weekend. I think I'm still in shock. But I'm sure it will hit me come Wednesday afternoon when we don't go out for our weekly after work drink. He was only 41 years old with 2 teenage boys. I'm feeling quite sad right now.

In loving memory of Eric.