Thursday, July 31, 2008

It was extremely difficult to stop myself from continuing to write last night, but it became the middle of the night and my hand was cramping so bad I nearly took a muscle relaxer. Twenty-five pages of writing on the first two chapters, both which will be longer than I anticipated. The earlier days of the week were mainly spent doing some necesary research before I could write the first two chapters.

Now, I need A LOT of research for the third and fourth, so other than re-writing out the actual long versions of the first and second, as my writing last night was not the complete version, some dialogue and outline of events in very specific detail, but not the actual chapters themselves, so there is still much work yet to be done to the first two chapters.

The third and fourth chapters require a good deal of geographical research on the location in which the second main character lives. This will require my computer to stop acting like a bitch. Or I guess the easier solution would be to get the internet finally hooked up to Matt's computer and use it during the day when he is not home.

Besides, we need to get our cable account set up anyway as the new football season will be starting up very soon. For all the football naysayers, just remember that a man used to be well-rounded, sound body and sound mind, for him to be considered a great philosopher or poet.

Hemmingway liked football. Enough said.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today's post will paint a much nicer, and more appropriate, image of my wonderful man. Even though I did wake up, walk down the hall, into my den and nearly stepped on a sopping wet cloth that turned out to be his running shirt from this morning. Really, why the fuck is it lying next to MY desk? Anyway...

It seems, even after almost 4 years you can learn something new about a person. In this case, this evening while discussing cameras, since I intend to purchase one finally in a couple of weeks, Matt goes to the closet and breaks out a large box that contains photography equipment. A nice camera, a movie camera, darkroom equipment, etc. ??????

Okay, when did this happen, I ask, a bit confused as to why it took this long to discover. "Um... I did go to film school sweetie." "I know, but why didn't you show me all this before?" [Needless to say, there was a good answer, just not one that needs to be shared with the world as it is Matt's personal reason and this is not his blog, nor does it have any meaning to the point of this story.]

And that point being, is that I'll finally LEARN how to use a camera the correct way instead of paying for a class at the Art Academy like I was intending to upon making the decision to purchase a good camera because I will finally have someone to teach me.

And the man redeems himself nicely so.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, I finally did it. After all this time saying I wouldn't, or that I didn't have the time or any other excuse I could think of, I decided to finally do it.

I joined Facebook. AHHH!!!

Now, on to a rather important subject. My dear Matt seems to have formed some impression in his mind that I should be acting more housewifey since I'm home all day long. He hasn't actually said those words, but he frequently makes the comment, "You're the one who's home all day." Yes, that is true. Home, attempting to HEAL, not clean up after YOU. Because his idea of doing the dishes is to fill the sink with water and put the dishes in the sink. Or starting the laundry means picking up the clothes and putting them in the laundry basket.

Close baby, but no cigar. And then he wonders why I've left it that way to see if he finishes what he started. No. He doesn't. And unfortunately I'm not the type who lets it stay unclean.

A reminder to Matt is #1 We're not married, #2 I'm not your bitch and #3 I might be at home all day right now but I'm still the one bringing in the money and paying the bills. Get off your ass and do it yourself. :)

He never reads this blog, so I can say whatever I want.

Monday, July 28, 2008

The weekend was pleasant. After recovering from Friday night, taking our 2 female cats to be fixed bright and early on Saturday morning, Matt and I continued on our writing. My computer was acting like a bitch, so I did some manual research, found a very appropriate book on my subject and digested it as quickly as possible as it was not pleasant reading material. And so, now Matt returns to work and I remain at home to make sure the kittens are okay and that our male kitten doesn't attack the females in their delicate state, continue writing and putting to use all of the interesting information I've learned.

It's rather nice to stay home and still get paid 100% of my salary and work on writing.
Es ist nicht so, als ob ich jeden Glauben wird er tun, wie versprochen. Ich kenne ihn zu gut. Aber nach all diesen Jahren, ich hatte noch etwas Hoffnung. Ich weiß jetzt, mit seinem Schweigen, er ist nur möglich nach Erklärungen dafür, warum kann er nicht sein Versprechen zu halten.

Dieses Mal werde ich warten, für ihn zu finden, eine Entschuldigung anstatt Entschuldigungen für ihn. Wenn er sein Versprechen gehalten, wenn das Versprechen gemacht wurde, vielleicht wäre es nicht offensichtlich Heimsuchung der jetzt eine Aufgabe.

Ich frage mich nur, wie lange es dauert, ihn zu kommen, um seinen Grund.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

There are more "artistic" photos from last night as well on the art studio blog. :)

After Dinner, we moved into a more private room.

A Night at the Pub

Matt and I joined up with Eva and BJ at The Pub this evening, where they have plenty of great English and Irish beers on tap; expensive but well worth the money. It was a rather lovely evening, though separating the guys was nearly impossible as they engaged in lively discussions about everything from Buddism to the recent Indiana Jones movie and gushed over The Dark Knight. After knowing each other for over 11 years, Eva and I experienced the first time where WE were the designated drivers. (We're not usually drank under the table.)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I was able to accomplish quite a bit on the novel yesterday, working on and off for almost 12 hours. it is amazing how much easier it is to do this writing when there are no other obligations. I will be finishing up a few of the outlines today, but need to work on the wedding invitations I'm designing and making for Eva's wedding. The design itself is actually done and a proof approved, so it's just a matter of printing and cutting and putting everything together. Nevertheless, 10 pages is still my goal for the day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today I learned that my 3 year old nephew was hit was a car yesterday. Luckily the car was only going 10 mph and basically just knocked him over and the guy driving the car was an EMT, so he was able to treat Ethan immediately. They took him to the hospital for evaluation and within hours he was already playing and laughing. It's amazing how children just bounce back after events like these. He's already been released from the hospital and is hom with his mother and doing well. Ethan's grandmother on his mom's side sent me these pictures of him.
Pathology results came back and there was no cancer! And I still have an additional five weeks off of work so that I can fully recover without the stress and pressure of working. Which also means I should be able to accomplish a considerable amount of writing. At a minimum of 5 pages written per day, 175 pages completed before returning to work, if not more. At my current rate though of 10 pages, double it and I should be completed with the entire novel. I'm not writing an epic, so 350 pages should be more than enough and probably a good 50-100 pages of that would probably be cut out in editing anyway.

I was looking up names and their meanings for determining character names and discovered the meaning of my own name.

Michelle (godly or god-like) Renee (born again) Rose (flower). So apparently I'm a godly born again flower. Matt's full name equals out to "gift of God" "little king" "ruler or saint." Not bad.

Now I'm on to the third character sketch and will probably do a general outline of the first 5-10 chapters.

It's finally cooled off here to a lovely 81 degrees, so there's no excuse not to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the fresh air without the humidity that's been smoothering all of us here in Cincinnati over the last week.
Matt and I separated after dinner into our own private studies (it's very nice that we each of a room of our own aside from the bedroom) and began working on our own writing. I had custody of the kittens initially, but they began to drive me mad with their playing around my desk and feet that I banished them to Matt's study.

My hand is cramping so bad, if that gives any indication of how much writing was accomplished this evening. The character sketches are complete for 2 of 3 characters and the major storyline has been outlined. And just some basic ironing out of thoughts, a working journal you might call it.

Need to go to bed now. I won't be able to sleep in tomorrow as I have my post-op appointment with the doctor. I should know the results of the biopsy as well, though the doctor has assured me that he is very confident that there was no signs of maligant cancer when he removed the mass. Very good news to come I'm sure.

Guten Nacht.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chapter One of the novel begins again, anew. As I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, I've completely changed this novel from how it started out seven months ago. There are only two main characters now, both female, on different sides of an event that happens when both girls are young. They may never actually meet each other, that is yet to be decided and even when I do make that decision, I doubt I would tell... that would be the point of reading the novel. :)

Overall, it's been a rather creative day today. Oh, how I wish every day could be like today. But alas, working a job is necessary to keeping the soul fresh and in touch with reality.
Back when I had a respectable camera, I traveled through many, many cities in Europe. Some of my favorites are now posted on the studio in their new format. Most of the pictures I took in Berlin, Heidelberg, Munich, Luxembourg and Brussels all had construction cranes in nearly every landscape shot, due to the fact that these cities were so heavily hit and destroyed in WWII. The other half of the photos from these cities include a lot of drunk people, so... Enjoy.

Let the Decorating Begin!

Andrew... you have been hung!

On the wall, that is. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Good, long and creative day. I was able to get some photographs from my new series (posted on the art studio) printed out and matted. Soon enough I will be decorating my new apartment. Also did some drawing, a tad bit o' writing, and now back to reading.

I think those who know me would be slightly amazed that I didn't watch a single episode of LOST.


And that is a big, fat YET because this day is not over and I'm starting to feel the slight twing of withdrawl. I missed the last half of the third season and what I missed out on became extremely obvious, and annoying, as I watched the fourth season. This is not a show you can just skip one week, nevermind an entire half of the season, and expect to understand what is going on in the next week.

What I haven't done, and vow NOT to do, is get involved in all the websites and blogs that discuss the show. I want to figure it all out for myself.

The subject of LOST came up as I was getting all the needles and iv put in my arms last Thursday and one of the nurses asked what I thought. In my half-dazed state of mind, I replied, "It's one big psychological experiment on the human soul." Yes, many chuckles followed. I'm not obsessed, I tell you. I'm not. Or at least not as obsessed, YET, as I was with Alias.

Now, with all this writing about the show, I feel a serious need to go finish watching the third season.
I can see that my lovely Red is marathon commenting, so I thought I'd say "HI ALLISON".
Thank you for coming over to visit me last night. It's always good to see your face. :)

By the way, a post-op diet of all squishy-liquidy-clear substances does have some benefit on the scale.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Request for my Readers

Any suggestions out there for some good reading while I'm laid up?
I've posted two new series of photography and art work to the studio. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

home, sweet, home. hospital beds suck. having nothing but broth, jello and italian ice cream, water and apple juice, also starts to suck after a two meals.

Nevertheless, the wonderful Dr. Patil successfully removed my thyroid and all of the surrounding unknown mass tissue without any complications.

The only question is whether or not he kept my thyroid... has it in a jar somewhere. Hmm...

I do have a picture of the scar, but it doesn't quite fit the style of the photography on this blog. If popular demand requests it, I suppose I'll consider it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today was my last day of work for the rest of the summer and, of course, everyone wanted something before I left. I swear, I really think employees of GE think they own the world.

Surgery is at noon tomorrow.

I have less than 2 hours to eat what ever I please.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Despite it being nearly unbearably humid outside today, we managed to spend a good deal of the evening outdoors. The rest of the week will not be so pleasant, according to those who make a six-figure salary just to be wrong most of the time.

Some views from our apartment.
I have to admit something. This may come as a surprise to some. I usually handle these types of situations with ease.

But, I'm just a bit, just slightly, nervous about my upcoming surgery. Strange, I know. I've already had a tumor removed from my brain, watched (literally) my rotator cuff be repaired. I never once felt nervous about those operations.

But, this time, they are cutting into a sensitive area of the body. Given that my thyroid is in the wrong place, and located oh so closely to the nerves that control the motor function as well as the voice, I'm a bit scared this time. And never before have I been told I need to sign off an order that specifies whether or not I'd like to be necessitated or not before. I wish they had never asked such a question. Perhaps then I wouldn't be scared. People have their thyroids removed ALL of the time. But not from the location of my thyroid. I've given myself the worst stress migraine in my life. I've had to take class II drugs just to break the migraine so that I won't go into surgery with a headache. Especially since the surgeon will make determinations on my well being based on a set of post-op symptoms, one of which is a headache.

Anyway, given my nature to express my internal struggles via writing, I figured that I should make these fears known. And since I'm also an artist, I think I'll play around with the CT scan image of my thyroid as well. For arts sake right?

In the next couple of days prior to the surgery, I will also be eating anything that I might miss while recovering, given that my post-op diet will consists of liquids, ice cream, jello, and anything else that won't hurt going down. I smell a steak...
Sorry for the blog name change. I have issues with titles, and am constantly changing my mind.

It's no wonder I could not come to a final decision on the title of my first novel...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Night on the Levee

View of the Cincinnati skyline as seen from the Newport Levee.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Only seven more days before I get my throat sliced open by a surgeon who is only 7 years older than me.

And, for the better I'm sure, in seven more days I'll be cigarette free. (The surgeon mentioned this whole thing about the extremely negative effects of inhaling nicotine into an open wound... etc, etc, etc....) It's slightly saddening right now, but in the greater scheme of things it might improve my running.

Added bonus - I won't be suffering from any early withdrawl nic-fitting bitchiness. I'll be on a morphine drip. :O

Monday, July 7, 2008

A warm and happy "Congrats" out to Scott and Angie on their marriage.
Some "fun" work added to the art studio.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

We had a cook-out at Matt's family's house today in a belated 4th of July celebration. Italian sausage, some hamburgers (though expensive today as only so much beef is available thanks to some bad-beef breakout in the area), brots, and Montgomery Inn marinated chicken. YUMMY. Matt's parents and sister refused to have thier pictures taken. Our 12 year old rather tall and skinny, future model-material, neice however didn't mind so much.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

It continued to rain all the way up to the lake, and fortunately stopped upon our arrival. The sky opened up a little, just enough for some sun light.

Today was my grandmother's 84th birthday also. So Matt, my mom and I took her out to the lake and enjoyed an afternoon with the ducks, neither of whom we named Carl.

We did see a few fireworks going off on the drive home, however I dared not to take pictures while driving. Upon returning to Cincinnati, it was again, raining.