Friday, January 25, 2008

Chapter four is taking a lot longer to finish than previously anticipated. It has proven to be an emotionally difficult task, as is much of the subject matter in this book. But it is necessary. And not just for me.

I will hopefully be going up to Wooster again in a few weeks. Dr. Jake and I will have to hang out all by our lonesome selves. We could fake Andrew being there and we'd probably crack ourselves up laughing in the process. Hopefully his mom hasn't rented out the house, we could sneak onto the front porch and just drink beer there. Hell, I'm almost laughing now just thinking about it. (And don't think Andrew isn't laughing when he reads this also...)

Okay, I'm getting strange looks from those surrounding me in the coffee house.

Need to focus on chapter four. Need to focus in general. Get all the other crap out of my mind and just write until my hands go numb.

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