Thursday, January 3, 2008

Good Ol' Sitwells

It's been ages since I've sat in this coffee house. There are so many new faces, such that I can no longer identify the "regulars." This coffee house is nothing like my beloved Seattle's in Wooster. Good art hangs on the walls, decent music plays, though I have my headphones on anyway, the crowd is not too noisy and the service is decent due to the two employees currently working who have both worked here nearly a decade and know me.

The sky is so gray today, it's very depressing. It snowed about two inches last night and the temperature finally dropped to below zero for the first time this winter. The change has come, the dark season has arrived, and only the mentally strong survive.

Chapter Two of the novel is nearly complete. I really wish I could be in Wooster right now for the duration of writing this novel. Every time I start working on some new writing project, I feel some magnetic force drawing me back to Wooster. Why? Could I really move back there, away from the city and re-engage myself in the "quiet" life? Most of the people I love from Wooster have left, though there are still many friends still living there, maybe for the same reason I feel the desire to reside there, or perhaps because they are stuck. I'm betting on a even mixture of both. Well, maybe just a weekend there will satisfy the craving for now.


Andrew said...

Missing Wooster... It happens... Missing Wooster is good. I miss it. I was looking forward to missing it. I miss it right now and that is a good thing. It means I am not there.

Journal of A Novel said...
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