Monday, January 7, 2008

It's definitely warmer than the weather forecast predicted, which was a high of 70. People are walking around in shorts and tee shirts. I myself am sporting my very favorite flip flops and at one point had to turn on the air conditioning in the car. Crazy. Love it.

I've reduced the number of possible interruptions to my writing and shall engross myself in only this task. Writing can be so healing to the soul. Plus the story really does need to be written. I've only been talking about writing it for the past five years. Only now, though, am I able to have a (somewhat) distanced perspective of the true events on which the story is based.

Chapter four in the working today. This chapter is Sarah's. I would actually like a different name for this character, but have yet to find something fitting that I really like. Any suggestions?

Though, I will need to entertain one distraction today. My Buckeye's are playing for the National Championship. Can't miss that! Go Bucks!

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