Monday, January 14, 2008

Ten more pages completed on chapter four this evening. It's a perfect night for writing. It's finally cold again and the snow is coming down very heavy. Add some hot coffee and a brief and nice interruption to take a call from Dr. Jake, and I've got a wonderful night. A bonus: just before dusk, the sky turned an amazing shade of blue and you could see the bright white snow clouds off in the distance. Though you could not see a single star or the moon, it appeared that there was some sort of light in the sky. It was very beautiful.

Ten pages and I don't think this chapter is nearly complete. It's amazing what I've been able to remember about my trip to Germany in 2002. I do need to get out my scrapbooks, though, and find the names of places I stayed etc. I didn't take too many pictures on that trip (I really wasn't there long enough), but I do have pictures from my previous trips to Germany in 1999. I'm on a roll, so I must continue on...

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