Friday, February 15, 2008

The cursed day has passed and now onward we move.

The sheet of ice that was covering the entire city is finally melting. Now we only have to watch half of our steps instead of all. Now the temperature has risen 20 degrees for our first day over 40 in awhile. People feel more alive, in better spirits now that it's not so bitterly cold. If only the driving around here would improve now...

I leave shortly for another weekend in Wooster. This time for family assistance to some problems my father has been having for a long time, but appear to be getting worse. It will also be the first time I go up to Wooster and not a single friend will be around. Other than those who have moved away in the last five years, everyone else seems to be enjoying a weekend away as well. Very loney in Woo-town these days. Oh well. I have a mission to accomplish.

Start music from "Mission Impossible" now.

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