Monday, February 11, 2008

I have new surroundings. A new environment. A different bed. Life is now very different. And strange. And many things are now missing. But within all this change, I am confident that ultimately this will all be for the better. No, this will not be a depressing blog entry. The emptiness that engulfs me not only will not last, but is the basis for some very raw writing. What ever higher power that may exist in this world would not have given me the gift of writing if I were to ignore it in times of adversity.

So, I will continue to read my book of short stories by Hemmingway and lay this day to rest.

Luckily, I'm MUCH further away from the airport now and no longer have to deal with attempting to reconnect to the internet everytime a plane flies over. Though I do miss the sound of the planes flying over me.

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