Sunday, March 9, 2008

And now a lot of the snow has melted thanks to the temperture rising. Spring is now in the near horizon, temperatures in the 50s this week.

So, the weekend was mainly spent in doors, due to the fact that I didn't feel much like digging my car out of the parking lot, nor did the driveway actually get plowed until this morning. So I made yummy food and drank some wine and finished reading some books, worked on my stationary business, which should be launching within the next month. I was definitely able to keep myself busy. It will be a busy week, but I am committed to writing at least a page or two on the novel. A much warmer weekend ahead, I will head up to Wooster again since I didn't go this weekend (I hear they got even more snow than we did down in Cinci). The weekend up in Wooster will absolutely be dedicated to writing, assuming no major family issues arise (which is actually a difficult assumption to make these days, but still...).

With the warmer weather ahead, I do anticipate better days and better moods. And perhaps some poetry as well. Now if only football was played year round...

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