Thursday, March 20, 2008

The long interruption from writing this novel has ceased!

I received some inspiration from a dear friend far, far away, on Tuesday.

"Just fucking write the damn book," he says to me.

(These words have been our form of motivating each other for many years. We try to avoid the bullshit. What else is there to say, other than lots of gooey crap, right?)

So, it was raining that afternoon and thus the long commute home is much longer, as the Cincinnati area has some of the WORST drivers I have ever seen in this country and when any form of inclement weather arrives, it is a complete nightmare to drive the highways. Needless to say, I had plenty of time to think. I think about the conversation my friend and I had just a few hours previous and all the thoughts that naturally come as a result. I think about Wooster and the bizarre way in which I arrived in that small Northeastern Ohio town that I had only been in twice prior to my arrival, even though my father lived there for years. I think about how I kinda feel like running away to some small island in the south of somewhere, but then remember how running away to another country was how I ended up in Wooster in the first place. (I did run away to Germany, not the best idea I realize in hindsight. Had I gone to the Greek isles, you would probably not be reading this blog. I would have met some beautiful dark Greek man and sat on a beach all day... damn it...)

Anyway, I'm thinking all of these things and I still have not made it to the bridge yet. Which means I still had a good 30-40 minutes more before I reach home.

Well, somehow I start feeling "poetic" which only comes about three times a year, and luckily I manage to write enough poetry during those times to last a year's worth of editing. And in my thoughts of this poem, BAM!, I suddenly realize how I really want this book to proceed. I can pretty much scrap everything that has been written up to this point and start all over.

And thus, the writing has begun again. Though I will have to pause briefly for tonight's episode of Lost...

(Thank you Andrew!)

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