Saturday, June 21, 2008

Seriously, I can't help but to put more pictures of the kittens on here.
The first Saturday in the new place has been nice and peaceful. Matt and I went running at Ault Park this morning, a wonderful running and hiking area. The hiking is in the plans for the very near future. It's one of my favorite out door activities. Matt's down at his parents, helping them move also. Meanwhile, I'm tasked with decoration. Darn. Now I just need to get the curtain rods for the living room and bedroom; this has proven difficult as the windows are rather large. But I love the sage green curtains.

It must be said that even though this apartment is twice as big as our previous apartment (meaning we just simply don't have furniture to fill the place, subsequently meaning I have a good purpose for shopping, perhaps I'll venture out to the new Ikea store) and therefore more expensive; however, in the end, it's more economically sound. I have half the commute to work than previously, not even getting on the highway, and we live in a rather lovely community where we have the luxery of many wonderful bars and eateries within walking distance. No more driving to go out to eat or visit the used book store anymore. I estimate I'll save close to $200 each month on gas alone. That put against the higher rent, it all balances out very nicely. With the most wonderful park just up the road and the extremely low crime rate, it's a wonderful find.

Matt nearly has his study set up to begin working on his writing. My working space is incomplete, but I'm more picky. I'll wait for the new desk and writing space before hanging my wonderful collection of Andrew Tonn photography.

Tonight we'll walk down to Zips, one of my favorite resturants, where my friends have always gone to spend the last night before people in our group move away to other states and countries. For the first time, we'll go there to celebrate the moving to the neighborhood instead of moving away.


Moxie Crimefighter said...

cutie cutie kitehs!!! email me so we can catch up!

Journal of An Artist said...

Come to Wooster this weekend and save me from the boredom Amy!!!

Anonymous said...

you know.. i've never been to zips. you should take bj & i sometime. :)