Monday, July 21, 2008

Good, long and creative day. I was able to get some photographs from my new series (posted on the art studio) printed out and matted. Soon enough I will be decorating my new apartment. Also did some drawing, a tad bit o' writing, and now back to reading.

I think those who know me would be slightly amazed that I didn't watch a single episode of LOST.


And that is a big, fat YET because this day is not over and I'm starting to feel the slight twing of withdrawl. I missed the last half of the third season and what I missed out on became extremely obvious, and annoying, as I watched the fourth season. This is not a show you can just skip one week, nevermind an entire half of the season, and expect to understand what is going on in the next week.

What I haven't done, and vow NOT to do, is get involved in all the websites and blogs that discuss the show. I want to figure it all out for myself.

The subject of LOST came up as I was getting all the needles and iv put in my arms last Thursday and one of the nurses asked what I thought. In my half-dazed state of mind, I replied, "It's one big psychological experiment on the human soul." Yes, many chuckles followed. I'm not obsessed, I tell you. I'm not. Or at least not as obsessed, YET, as I was with Alias.

Now, with all this writing about the show, I feel a serious need to go finish watching the third season.


Anonymous said...

But you will become obsessed. You WILL! And before you know it you'll be checking message boards and bookmarking "Lostpedia." I'm so glad it's all my fault! I'll join you at whatever point you're in. . .

Here, In My Head said...

Actually, I have finished watching through the 3rd season. But I'll gladly start all over again with you and the Buscuit.

Here, In My Head said...

What the hell? Apparently the next episode for the next season is not going to be on the air until 2009? What is JJ trying to do to us?