Monday, July 14, 2008

I have to admit something. This may come as a surprise to some. I usually handle these types of situations with ease.

But, I'm just a bit, just slightly, nervous about my upcoming surgery. Strange, I know. I've already had a tumor removed from my brain, watched (literally) my rotator cuff be repaired. I never once felt nervous about those operations.

But, this time, they are cutting into a sensitive area of the body. Given that my thyroid is in the wrong place, and located oh so closely to the nerves that control the motor function as well as the voice, I'm a bit scared this time. And never before have I been told I need to sign off an order that specifies whether or not I'd like to be necessitated or not before. I wish they had never asked such a question. Perhaps then I wouldn't be scared. People have their thyroids removed ALL of the time. But not from the location of my thyroid. I've given myself the worst stress migraine in my life. I've had to take class II drugs just to break the migraine so that I won't go into surgery with a headache. Especially since the surgeon will make determinations on my well being based on a set of post-op symptoms, one of which is a headache.

Anyway, given my nature to express my internal struggles via writing, I figured that I should make these fears known. And since I'm also an artist, I think I'll play around with the CT scan image of my thyroid as well. For arts sake right?

In the next couple of days prior to the surgery, I will also be eating anything that I might miss while recovering, given that my post-op diet will consists of liquids, ice cream, jello, and anything else that won't hurt going down. I smell a steak...

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Anonymous said...

And it's all gone now, baby! You're doing wonderful :)