Thursday, August 7, 2008

The hateful heat wave has now passed and left us our reward for survival: the romantically breezy days of summer.

The heat has a murderous effect on this city, where people are already too uptight. They become vengeful, like a psychopath ready to jump out of their own skin. The smiles are melted off their faces and the heat becomes the fault not of Nature, but of everyone around them.

Tempers rage at children, who don't yet feel the affect of heat, they rather enjoy it as they splash around in swimming pools and run through backyard sprinklers. Tempers rage at husbands and wives who already hate each other. The heat makes them think of murder. Tempers rage at other drivers on the road, who likewise are only trying to get home and into the comfort of central air and out of the smoggy humidity-filled passage of the highway.

They cannot control their tempers in this heat. To them, the haze of humidity penetrates their lungs, giving their speech only bouts of comments, the fewer words the better. It penetrates their skin so that they recoil away from the loving touch of others. It penetrates their skin and goes into the blood stream such that it boils with anger and infects their logic and reason.

Thankfully, the heat wave only lasted a week. Any longer and their might have been a jump in the homicide rate.

The haze has now lifted and one can see the blue skies again. The trees oblige with cool wisps of air, felt through open windows and doors, a glorious dance of acceptance of Nature's change of plans. The chirping of birds now sounds of a welcoming song to enjoy the day.

And now the people of this city relax and ease their temperament. The husband kisses the wife in the morning on his way out the door, knowing of the pleasantness outside. People smile at each other once again.


Andrew said...

Hell, just reading that description made me hot and wanting to go blow somebody up. Of course I am mad anyway having just gone to the library and found some tasty books and then finding out I have a ridiculous 530Kr. fine (almost $100). So, instead of walking home and reading I had to walk home empty-handed plotting bloody and fiery revenge on hapless librarians... Luckily it wasn't hot out.

Here, In My Head said...

How did you get $100 in fines???? I know some people in the library networks (hint Allison...) maybe they know somebody in Sweden who could erase that... sex works too...

not that I would know anything about that.