Thursday, July 31, 2008

It was extremely difficult to stop myself from continuing to write last night, but it became the middle of the night and my hand was cramping so bad I nearly took a muscle relaxer. Twenty-five pages of writing on the first two chapters, both which will be longer than I anticipated. The earlier days of the week were mainly spent doing some necesary research before I could write the first two chapters.

Now, I need A LOT of research for the third and fourth, so other than re-writing out the actual long versions of the first and second, as my writing last night was not the complete version, some dialogue and outline of events in very specific detail, but not the actual chapters themselves, so there is still much work yet to be done to the first two chapters.

The third and fourth chapters require a good deal of geographical research on the location in which the second main character lives. This will require my computer to stop acting like a bitch. Or I guess the easier solution would be to get the internet finally hooked up to Matt's computer and use it during the day when he is not home.

Besides, we need to get our cable account set up anyway as the new football season will be starting up very soon. For all the football naysayers, just remember that a man used to be well-rounded, sound body and sound mind, for him to be considered a great philosopher or poet.

Hemmingway liked football. Enough said.


Andrew said...

But he also liked whiskey and sex and good poetry.

Here, In My Head said...

I find no issue with those either.

Andrew said...

But they may be difficult to combine with the actual playing of football. What is the penalty yardage for whiskey, sex and poetry on the field of play???

Here, In My Head said...

There should be NO penalty. I'm sure the NFL's ratings would sky-rocket.

Oh, wait, that's right we live in a country which frowns on the free expression of drinking, sex, and poetry.

Perhaps I should start my own NFL team. I'm sure we could come up with some interesting names for this team. And the Fantasy Football following... out of the league!

Who's with me???