Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today's post will paint a much nicer, and more appropriate, image of my wonderful man. Even though I did wake up, walk down the hall, into my den and nearly stepped on a sopping wet cloth that turned out to be his running shirt from this morning. Really, why the fuck is it lying next to MY desk? Anyway...

It seems, even after almost 4 years you can learn something new about a person. In this case, this evening while discussing cameras, since I intend to purchase one finally in a couple of weeks, Matt goes to the closet and breaks out a large box that contains photography equipment. A nice camera, a movie camera, darkroom equipment, etc. ??????

Okay, when did this happen, I ask, a bit confused as to why it took this long to discover. "Um... I did go to film school sweetie." "I know, but why didn't you show me all this before?" [Needless to say, there was a good answer, just not one that needs to be shared with the world as it is Matt's personal reason and this is not his blog, nor does it have any meaning to the point of this story.]

And that point being, is that I'll finally LEARN how to use a camera the correct way instead of paying for a class at the Art Academy like I was intending to upon making the decision to purchase a good camera because I will finally have someone to teach me.

And the man redeems himself nicely so.

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