Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Matt and I separated after dinner into our own private studies (it's very nice that we each of a room of our own aside from the bedroom) and began working on our own writing. I had custody of the kittens initially, but they began to drive me mad with their playing around my desk and feet that I banished them to Matt's study.

My hand is cramping so bad, if that gives any indication of how much writing was accomplished this evening. The character sketches are complete for 2 of 3 characters and the major storyline has been outlined. And just some basic ironing out of thoughts, a working journal you might call it.

Need to go to bed now. I won't be able to sleep in tomorrow as I have my post-op appointment with the doctor. I should know the results of the biopsy as well, though the doctor has assured me that he is very confident that there was no signs of maligant cancer when he removed the mass. Very good news to come I'm sure.

Guten Nacht.

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