Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pathology results came back and there was no cancer! And I still have an additional five weeks off of work so that I can fully recover without the stress and pressure of working. Which also means I should be able to accomplish a considerable amount of writing. At a minimum of 5 pages written per day, 175 pages completed before returning to work, if not more. At my current rate though of 10 pages, double it and I should be completed with the entire novel. I'm not writing an epic, so 350 pages should be more than enough and probably a good 50-100 pages of that would probably be cut out in editing anyway.

I was looking up names and their meanings for determining character names and discovered the meaning of my own name.

Michelle (godly or god-like) Renee (born again) Rose (flower). So apparently I'm a godly born again flower. Matt's full name equals out to "gift of God" "little king" "ruler or saint." Not bad.

Now I'm on to the third character sketch and will probably do a general outline of the first 5-10 chapters.

It's finally cooled off here to a lovely 81 degrees, so there's no excuse not to sit out on the balcony and enjoy the fresh air without the humidity that's been smoothering all of us here in Cincinnati over the last week.


Anonymous said...

Yay for benign! Whew! Keep writing. We've been enjoying the cool-down, too. See you soon.

eva said...

and mine means "life", "christ-like", carpenter"